20% of top 1 million websites are powered by WordPress! Be a part of that community and extend your website beyond static pages with dynamic database driven WordPress CMS website, blog and thousands of plugins to choose from. Our expertise includes custom (and responsive) WordPress website design and development, theme creation, plugins installation, configuration and customization and also working with custom post types and taxonomies.

Dynamic Content

A CMS lets you edit website content through a browser or even through freely available app on mobile phones, ipads and other similar devices. Keep your website content fresh for your users and search engines, that too without any help from any web developer. WordPress CMS websites ensure your website is up-to-date, SEO friendly and extendible.

Theme Development & Plugins

We build custom themes based on individual requirements and designs approved by our client. Using best practices for coding, website features and functionality is built using core WordPress functions or extended by use of carefully selected and configured set of plugins, or through use of custom post types, taxonomies and custom fields.

Plenty of Features

Our WordPress CMS website development includes Feedback forms, on-page SEO, blogging, social media sharing tools & links, extended wysiwyg widgets, Google Analytics, xml/html sitemaps and responsive theme coding as part of its setup… unless a client provides a smaller/larger features list unique to their business.