E-Commerce Development

The pace with which online shopping sites are getting momentum, It is very important for any business to launch an e-commerce site. E-Commerce has really made the complex business processes easier and highly efficient, allowing businesses and customers to do business anywhere, anytime. Through ecommerce web portals you can get benefit of instant online payment. Our ecommerce web services includes services such as online shopping portal, shopping cart, payment gateway intergration, pay pal integration etc. Our e-commerce solution provides you dynamic functionalities, safe transactions and secure and hassle free shopping experience .
Dreams International offers its customers e-Commerce solutions in accordance with their specific custom requirements, which allows us to effectively cater to your every single business requirement for your online environment. Facilitation of fast, secure and safe online transactions is at the core of any e-Commerce system. Dreams International has expertise in integrating popular and secure online payment gateways such as PayPal etc. to deliver secure online shopping experience. This comes as one of the basic advantages of utilizing Dreams International’s excellence in e-Commerce segment.

Various advantages for associating with Dreams International for e-Commerce solutions are:

Creative Ecommerce website Design
Enhanced online visibility with search engine optimization
Effective content management system
Better customer relationship
Online Shopping process and order management services
Product Catalogue management
Secure hassle-free online experience for customers
Safe online payment transactions
These advantages really make any e-Commerce system robust, powerful and full proof. Dreams International deploys a strong team of professionals to handle your mission-critical e-Commerce projects in a cost-efficient way.

Who can use our solutions?

Dreams International e-Commerce solutions can be used by any business. Our e-Commerce solutions, such as shopping carts, online stores, or integrated payment gateways can really make your online business experience rich and trusted.

Our solutions:

Internet Marketing and Advertisement: It is very important process for establishing a huge base and escalating your online business.

Traffic Stats: With our ecommerce solutions, you can keep a record of traffic stats and get insight to plan successful business strategies.

Shopping carts: With our shopping cart solution, you can make your online shopping functionality easier and effective for better customer management. We provide you variety of shopping cart development options based on your business requirements.

Online stores: Dreams International’s online store functionalities are making it possible for businesses to offer an added advantage to their customers. You can effectively display or showcase your products for customers to purchase online. This gives your users a real-time experience of buying products as they are buying products or goods in malls or stores.

Integrated payment gateways: At Dreams International, payment gateway integration is one of the core areas of expertise. We have helped various customers to effectively integrate payment gateways for accepting payments online. To make the online shopping experience safe, these payment gateways encrypt the user’s sensitive information, such as bank account number, credit card number, etc. This enables the information passing safe through the online shopping sites. This ensures that an online business owner stays completely hassle free for handling payment by customers.

Secure payment processing: We guarantee safe and secure payment processing capability for your website payments.

Multi Currencies Shopping Option: We support multiple currencies for your ecommerce website.

SSL or HTTPS encryption and support: It ensures a secure channel between your website and clients browser. The communication between the two is over secure encrypted channel which adds an extra layer of security for your website.


At Dreams International, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. We have been enabling our customers to enjoy maximum from our services and products for better business visibility and enhanced productivity.